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The top 5 funniest porn parodies ever made

While not all of us will be eager to admit it, most have at some point…revisited our childhood shows and media by putting them in a search engine with a conveniently placed “porn parodies” next to it. This appeal is nothing new, after all of course nostalgia mixes well with hot chicks, doesn’t everything?

Cartoon porn has also been on an upswing worldwide, to the point where it’s essentially a safe bet to assume pretty much anyone has seen a few. Now some of these are quality works of pornographic art, others are…less so, more comedic in their approach, so today we’d like to visit the funniest porn parodies ever.

Seinfeld an XXX parody

Out of all the things someone at some point thought would be hot to make a porn parody of, Seinfeld is probably not on top of the list. And now, it would be a different story if the actors were all that much better looking than their TV show counterparts, unfortunately, in this 90’s inspired porn parody, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Family Guy the XXX parody

This is a similar case to Seinfeld, what kind of creative madman would it take to even think this kind of thing up? We don’t know, and quite frankly we’re not sure if we want to, however in addition to being positively hilarious, the parody itself also features multiple sexy actresses, so if you’ve ever wanted to fuck Peter’s wife before, we guarantee you that wish won’t be going down.

Edward Penishands

Hey here’s an idea, Edward Scissorhands, except with dicks. That seems to be what went through the producer’s mind when he made this porn parody, debatably even more disturbing than the original movie, but the girl’s hot so we’re not complaining.

The Penetrator

The Terminator, a classic of our times, mindless action and cringe-worthy jokes.  The porn parody almost mimics it in hilarity and it definitely has more suspenseful action than the source material does for itself.


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Ten Inch Mutant Ninja Turtles

Okay we’ll admit, this one had even us screaming ‘WHAT’ when we saw the title, unfortunately(or fortunately?) the parody itself entirely delivers on its eerie choice of title. If you’ve ever wanted to see a horribly costumed Raffaello, Donatello, Michelangelo  and Leonardo with massive dicks plow the reporter then…I suppose this is the right video for you…go…right ahead.

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